Felt Flowers - A Five Minute Project

Christmas - done.
New Year's - done.
So what now?

What about using the time for some non-seasonal crafting? Something that isn't difficult? Something that doesn't require a lot of planning or time? Ah, now I've got your attention!

All you need are felt scraps, a needle, and some thread. You can probably find that lying around your house, right?

Cut out flower patel shaped felt pieces, six for each flower. Either make round petals or pointy ones. Well, you do know what flowers look like so I don't have to explain that ;-)

mine were about 1 inch long
Use needle and thread and connect them with two stitches.

Draw at the two ends of the thread and pull the flower petals together. They will now look like this:

See, I told you it was that easy! (I made mostly flowers with pointy petals, but that is totally up to you.)
All you need to do now is tie a knot at the back of the flowers and do something pretty with them. Do you need some ideas?
  • sew them onto a brooch
  • add them to your crochet scarf
  • use them to decorate
  • put them onto presents (I know, Christmas is over, but birthdays are all year long!)
Here's what I made with mine:
I decorated my guest bedroom.
I made a bracelet by sewing four different flowers onto a piece of felt and adding a button at the end. Cute, right?

Any great ideas what to do with the rest of the flowers that I still have?

I hope you have enjoyed this easy tutorial.
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  1. I want to make some to add to the storage boxes I just posted about! So cute!

  2. We have made a few felt flowers, but not ones like this! They look so great!

  3. Ahhhh Easy! Me like easy. I can always use some more flowers to my stash. That bracelet looks very nice!

  4. hi Anja, these are great and look super easy. I'd make a whole cushion with them i think.

  5. These are lovely! I might make some....I used felt flowers to make some napkin rings, using the scrap felt to make a circle on one set and a ribbon for the other. You have to sew them on, but it doesn't take very long. I can't wait to finish my Craft Challenge post to share with you and PJ. Better go and get on with it!

  6. Oh my goodness! Cute flowers AND felt?! I couldn't possibly ask for anything more. And that diagram was fantastic and so easy to understand. I'll definitely be making these soon!


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