The Best Almond Slivers You've Ever Had

If you have already read last week's recipe for German Bärentatzen spritz cookies, today's recipe is a lot simpler: the best and crunchiest almond slivers you have ever had - without baking! Believe me, these are a show-stopper, and people will love them!

Christmas Almond Slivers

You need:
  • 1 cup almond slivers
  • 1/2 cup hazelnuts
  • 1 cup milk chocolate
  • 1 cup cornflakes
  • 1/3 cup nougat
  • Christmas spices: cardamom, ground gloves, cinnamon
Roast the almond slivers. Cut the hazelnuts into little pieces and roast them, too. Put the cornflakes into a zippy bag and crush them a little, but not too much. 

Put the chocolate and the nougat in a double boiler and melt it. Add the spices (be particularly careful with the gloves, too much of them could taste odd). 

When the chocolate mass is completely smooth, add the roasted almond slivers, roasted hazelnut bits, and cornflakes spoon by spoon. Stir. If the amount is not enough to form a solid mass, add some more almonds, hazelnuts, and cornflakes. As soon as all the almonds, hazelnuts, and cornflakes are entirely covered in chocolate, stop adding more. 

Cover trays (or other even surfaces) with parchment paper. With two teaspoons, form about 1 inch long oblong shapes. The tighter you press the ingredients together, the better your end result. 

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  1. Christmas's killing me with all of its delicious delights - well, not literally, but slowly :) I'm not supposed to eat any dairy, so Crimbo is rather hard on my system, because I still eat everything at Christmas. So will eat this too, milk choccy or not :)

    PS. in love with that beautiful plate!

  2. Hmmmm looks so tasty!!! But again I am not sure when to make this.... :(

  3. Yum. I am yet to bake anything. I think tomorrow is the day and these look great....apparently we have about a kilo of Andi's mum's biscuits heading to England so I might not go too mad!!

  4. I wonder if we can buy nougat here? I've never looked. Those look so tasty!


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