Wednesday Evening Rant 10/24 - Air Bubbles and Constipation of Happiness

Oh Wednesday, how I love you. I really do. Firstly, it's my most relaxed day at work. Secondly, I get to rant, without anyone complaining about all the negativity that I spread. Even more so, being negative is welcomed here at the Wednesday Evening Rant. And thirdly, more than half of the week is over. It's the turning point, and in the movie, the guy and girl would have realized that they love each other and just have to get some minor complications out of the way.

Plus, letting off steam is just what the doctor has ordered. Removing constipation of happiness, so to say. So get on board, and let's be the two grumpy old guys at the Muppet Show together. I'd love for you to link up your own Wednesday Evening Rants!

Today I hate
  • Halloween. Seriously. Even though kids in cute costumes might be adorable, I don't get all the Halloween craziness in blogland. I'm glad when that's finally over.
  • that this week is kind of crazy busy at work. I don't even know what I'm going to do about poor Coca this week.
  • accidentally kicking my cell phone under the couch and then looking for it everywhere. And it was on mute, too. Does that also happen to you guys?
  • air bubbles under contact paper. Why can't they invent some semi-permeable contact paper?
  • that our yard guy can't start working on the fence if we don't choose a fence, but we can't choose a fence because we're too busy to get to the store. German stores usually close at 8 pm, so there's that, too.

So here's the linky tool! Link up and join in the fun. Or better yet, join in the non-fun! =)

But before you leave to do other important stuff - like kicking the patoots of everyone who caused you to rant today - check out my totally awesome (yes, I'm modest like that) tutorial for personalized calenders at Craftbotic (Christmas is approaching faster than you can say blueberry pancakes).

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Cocalores Wednesday Evening Rant

PPS Or leave a comment with what you hate today!


  1. I think German store hours would be on my list every week

  2. Whaaat, you can't make it to the get-together? Bummer! If I were you I'd call in 'sick'. Yeah, I'm a horrible influence.

    You little party pooper, how are you not gonna like Halloween? All the candy & little pipsqueak running around the streets like sugar high maniacs, what's there not to love?! Haha. Yeah, sorry about RT being all seasonal-like, next week we're back to normal. Promise.


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