Ombre ripple afghan - a crochet project

After starting my first ripple afghan after Christmas, I was hooked (yep, stupid pun). I sat evening after evening in front of the fireplace and worked. I had decided to make a bedthrow for our guest bedroom. That meant a 7 ft x 5 ft afghan.  So of course it took me months to make it, even though I wasn't lazy. I just didn't have more time than doing one or two rows each evening. During the last couple of days I couldn't wait until it would finally be over. To be honest, I was sick of it and didn't enjoy it anymore. Probably because I was pressuring myself: "You've got to finish that. Now."

Here it is half-finished, waiting to be taken care of.

Then, just some weeks ago, it was in its new home, on the bed in the guest bedroom. And I was suddenly feeling lonely. No crochet? Mh. That couldn't be right. And I still had some leftover yarn...

So of course you know what I did next. I started a new one. Here it is:

The lavender is already in bloom, and it will only be days until my hydrangeas burst into color!

I went for an ombre effect this time and I think it looks lovely. I have already taken it outdoors, on my new garden bench and stool. They will probably become good friends.

So if you feel like making one yourself, check out my ripple afghan tutorial. It is really easy. If you aren't as uber-confident crazy megalomaniac ambitious as I am, you can start with a smaller project first (like a scarf - I bet it looks mighty pretty with a light grey and powder pink wool).

Have a great day!

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